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Internet Resources from Cuba

Welcome to a searchable, comprehensive collection of Internet resources published in Cuba. It is a work in progress. New sites are added weekly. Currently as of May 9, 2016, there are over 6300 web sites in the directory.

Sites can be searched by keyword, name, title in English or Spanish, publisher, URL, and other fields. They can also be searched using subject headings from the Library of Congress or the National Library of Medicine.

Note: when typing Spanish names or words - if it has a written accent mark, the diacritic mark must be written to have a successful search. If your keyboard cannot type the marks, end your search word just before the mark, i.e. Guant for Guantánamo.

Also Note: If you get a server/page-not-found message, immediately try again. If it still doesn't load, try again later. Cuban sites do go down for lengthy periods. Be patient.

New Resources
National Center of Agricultural Health
Provides its history, organization, classes, publications, projects and prizes, products and services, events, and a related travel agency. There is information about other agricultural agencies...
The Centre for Information Management and Energy Development (CUBAENERGIA)
A renewable energy agency. Contains information about what they do, their publications, energy statistics, management, seminars and more. Searchable. RSS feed available. Alao available in English.
Blog from cartoonist Carlos. Archived from 2008.
Stroke of Luck
Blog from Carlos. Archived from 2013.
Clear ... Marksmen
Blog. Archived from 2012.
Stamp Collecting from Cuba
Subtitled The First Blog Specializing in Stamp Collecting from Cuba. From journalist Oreidis Pimentel of Adelante, Camagüey. Searchable. Archived from 2012.
The Microwave
Subtitled, heating up ideas. Archived from 2010.
Cuba Unites Us
Blog from journalist Daylén Vega Muguercia. Archived from 2012. Searchable.
Origen and Evolution of the Caribbean and its Marine and Land Biotas
Exploration of the geological and fossil history of Cuba.
Editorial Caminos
Publishing house of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center. Contains their publications, rules for publishing, authors, the center and more. Searchable.
Bulletin of Computer Science and Telecommunications
Weekly computer science bulletin archived back to year no.9.
Science on your PC
Quarterly electronic magazine. Archived from 2007. Searchable.
Savia: Magazine from the National Museum of Natural History
Newsletter from the museum. Archived from the first year.
Blog from journalist Raúl Inocente García Álvarez. Archived from 2006. Searchable.
The Mandrake
Blog from an artist and writer. Archived from 2011.
Cristo from Cubad
Blog about Sancti Spíritus. Archived from 2011. Searchable.
Blog from sports journalist Lianet Escobar Hernández. Archived from 2011. Searchable.
Blog about baseball in Sancti Spíritus. Contains photos, videos and more.
Cuban Magazine of Philosophy
Contains information about the magazine, editorial board, information about publishing articles and subscription. Archived from issue no.1, 2004. Searchable.
The Producer
Online bulletin from the Ministry of Agriculture. The first year is available.
Child of the Island: a site to discover the words that make up an island
Blog from journalist and writer Sheyla Valladares. Archived from 2012.
Bottles on the Sea
Blog from journalist Leydi Torres Arias. Archived from 2011. Searchable.
Llanura Radio from Colón
Contains the history of the city, programming, information about the economy, sports, health, environment and more.
National Natural History Museum, Cuba
Contains a history of the museum, exhibits, programs, science at the museum, size of the collection and more. Searchable.
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