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Internet Resources from Cuba

Welcome to a searchable, comprehensive collection of Internet resources published in Cuba. It is a work in progress. New sites are added weekly. Currently as of May 9, 2016, there are over 6300 web sites in the directory.

Sites can be searched by keyword, name, title in English or Spanish, publisher, URL, and other fields. They can also be searched using subject headings from the Library of Congress or the National Library of Medicine.

Note: when typing Spanish names or words - if it has a written accent mark, the diacritic mark must be written to have a successful search. If your keyboard cannot type the marks, end your search word just before the mark, i.e. Guant for Guantánamo.

Also Note: If you get a server/page-not-found message, immediately try again. If it still doesn't load, try again later. Cuban sites do go down for lengthy periods. Be patient.

New Resources
Site dedicated to singer Sara Gónzalez.
The Meeting
Full text of the book about the meeting of Fidel and Chávez in 1994 written by Luis Báez and Rosa Miriam Elizalde.
Window to the Valley
Information about a community project in Viñales. Archived from 2012.
Portal from Villa Clara
Contains information about the province including geography, statistics, municipalities, maps, history, publications, culture, science, events, a directory, and more.
Mayabeque Newspaper
Newspaper from Mayabeque. Searchable.
Radio Mayabeque Digital
Radio from Mayabeque. Searchable.
Import/export company for pharmaceuticals. Brief information.
El Artemiseño
Daily newspaper from Artemisa. RSS feed available.
Citizen Zero
Blog from Doctor Jeovany Jimenez Vega criticizing doctor's salaries. Archived from 2011.
Santiago Express
Blog about Santiago de Cuba. Archived from 2013.
Lente Naranja
Blog of photographs from Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba by "Lázaro Quero Almenares, the photographer." Archived from 2014.
Date with Angels
Blog from radio journalist Angel Del Toro Fonseca. Archived from 2012.
Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve
Information about the park located in Pinar del Río and Artemisa, Contains the characteristics, ecotourism, goals and objectives, maps, conservation and more.
Guanahacabibes National Park
National park in Pinar del Río. Contains photos, characteristics, eco-tourism, projects, a map of the various zones, conservation objectives, events, research and more.
Nicanor's Cafe
Blog subtitled on the roundest table. Archived from 2011. Searchable.
Computer and Electronics Youth Club of Mariel
From the computer club in a municipality in Artemisa.
Views from Cuba
Blog by Manuel Yepe, lawyer, economist and political scientist. Archived from 2007. Searchable.
Biblus Bulletin
Publication about information sciences from the "Alex Urquiola" Provincial Library in Holguin.
Speaking of Chats (Y@nkee)
Blog about chats. Archived from 2013.
Blog about computer security for neophites by TheGhost and TheBlackCat. Searchable.
Kpoper World
Blog by Kim Chunji Joe about pop music. Archived fom 2013.
Titanic World
Blog by Odyssey about science fiction. Archived from 2013.
From My Little Island
Blog by Yohan González Duany subtitled A blog to think, reflect and construct a new country. There are also photos. Archived from 2013.
Nelson Simón
Site of a children's author from Pinar del Río. Contains awards he has won and his publications.
Center for the Promotion of Cuban Exports
There is a searchable directory of exporters as well as commercial representatives broad. Additionally trade fairs and events are listed.
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