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7th Day Adventist Church of Santa Clara
Contains news, resources, classes, history, downloadable documents, devotions, and related links.
Archdiocese of San Cristobal de la Habana
Contains a summary of the history of the archdiocese, current news, the bishops, organization, priests, deacons, addresses of the parishes, a brief biography of Padre FĂ©lix Varela y Morales, related...
Benedicto XVI - Cuba
Site of the Pope's visit to Cuba. Contains news, articles, schedule, religion in Cuba, a guide to the country, information for the press, and FAQ. There is also information about the Pope's 1998...
Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba
Contains their organizational structure, the dioceses in the country, current and archived news for 2007, and various documents.
Digital Laical Space
Quarterly publication from the Archdiocesan Secular Council. Archived from 2005. Searchable.
Ecumenical Catholic Church of Cuba
Contains articles, some of which may be downloaded, a gallery, Latin American prophets, and information about the Society of apostolic life.
Episcopal Church of Cuba
From a church in Cuba. Contains contact information, address of branches in the provinces, schedule, services offered, articles, related links, news, and photos.
First Presbytarian-Reform Church of Havana, Cuba
Contains the history, mission, schedule, sister churches, projects, photos, and more. An audio sermon is available. Also available in English.
Jewish Community in Cuba
Contains the history, congregations, cemeteries, synagogues, organizations, community groups, festivals and commemorations, projects, community life, publications, and more.
Our Lady of Carmen Parrish
Parrish located in Santa Clara. Contains their history, activities, catechism, associations and groups, publications, photos, related sites, and more.
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