Higher Education Virtual Library
Contains union catalogs, databases, librarians, events, and more. Searchable.
Information and Document Center for Tourism
Library for the School of Tourism in Pinar del Río. Has a photo catalog with descriptions of nature areas in the province. Also has information about their services, publications, information about...
Information and Document Center of the School of Hotel and Tourism
Library for the school of hotel and tourism in Cienfuegos. Contains the rules for use of the library, publications, an email directory of professors, directors of the tourist sector and hotels in...
Library, University of Pinar del Río
Contains user information, databases, an electronic library, containing electronic books, articles, documents, powerpoints, magazines, theses, and more. Searchable.
Tourist Information and Document Center (CIDTUR)
Special library for the Advanced School of Hotel and Tourism. Contains their publications, an online, searchable collection, their services, and related links.

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