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Cuban Cooperation in Health – Guatemala
Contains a history of the mission, participants, programs and projects, statistics, facts, and more.
Cuban Institute of Friendship with People
An organization designed to develop and promote solidarity and friendship with peoples around the world. The Helms-Burton and Torricelli laws and the Cuban Adjustment Act are available in Spanish as...
Cuban Medical Collaboration
Blog from Mary Miranda about Cuban medical solidarity. Entries from 2006 only. In English.
Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela
A pharmaceutical company. About their operation in Venezuela.
Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the People
A non-governmental organization working towards the peaceful co-existence of States, sovereignty, development of people, environmental protection and peace. There are also articles, statements,...
Cuban Volunteers
Blog from journalist Raimundo Gómez Navia about Cuban international work in the areas of health, sports, education, economy and more. Archived from 2005-2006.
Cuito Cuanavale
History of the Cuban involvement in the battle of Cuito Cuanavale in Angola in their civil war in 1987. Contains articles, speeches, videos, photos, diagrams and more.
Everyone with Palestine
Petition of solidarity with Palestine. Contains news, articles and actions. Also available in English and French.
Friends of Cuba
Blog from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People in Granma. Contains information about who they are, links to sites of solidarity around the world and information about the Cuban Five. RSS...
In Defense of Cuba
A growing online petition supporting Cuba’s right to sovereignty. Contains statements from around the world. Also in English and French.
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