"Liliana Dimitrova" Horticultural Research Institute
A horticultural research institute in the municipality of Quivican, Havana province.
A Magic and Damaging Plant
About the tobacco plant. Contains the history, production, use, the tobacco grown in the region, health aspects, and other uses for tobacco. There is also information about tobacco in Cuba and the...
Agricultural University of Havana
There is information about the different departments, research, centers, events, and more.
AGRONET - School of Agricultural Sciences
Contains information and news about the agricultural program, pigs, research, specialties, services, curricula, photos, and more. Searchable.
Cabaiguán, Land of Good Tobacco
Contains the history of the plant, methods of cultivation, agricultural process, its relationship with art, and the curing of the leaves.
Contains the history of coffee, growth and harvest, varieties, characteristics, types of coffee, production in Cuba and in the municipality of Segundo Frente. Additionally, there is information...
Community Project for the Conservation of Food
A community project about food security. Contains their publications, classes through distance education, workshops, information about food groups, food and health, and permaculture.
Council of Veterinary Scientists
Contains their objectives, publications, administrative bureau, and scientific societies. There is also information about workshops, courses, publications, and more. A non-governmental organization.
Cuban Institute of Sugar Research
Contains information about the institute’s structure, branches in other provinces, and the divisions. There is also information about courses, publications, and events.
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