AduaCuba: Customs General of the Republic of Cuba
Customs information. Contains the rules regulations, and forms. There is a glossary.
CITMA Provincial Office
Branch of the environmental agency. Contains the mission and objectives, as well as tables of national and local protected area.
Committees in Defense of the Revolution (CDR)
A mass organization that works with individuals and families in each community defending their interests. Contains news. Searchable.
Communist Party of Cuba
Includes news, publications, history, structure and organization, articles, documents, and speeches. There is an article about democracy in Cuba. Additionally, there is information about each...
Countries of the Non-Aligned Movement
14th summit of the non-aligned movement. Contains documents, related meetings, plan of action, reports, articles from the press, photos, related sites, and more. The operating manual is...
Cuba Defense
About Cuba's national defense. contains information about the constitution, civil defense, military history, war against Cuba, army, preparation, continuing education, institutional services, photos,...
Cuba Diplomatic
Cuba's diplomatic sites from around the world. Contains links to the embassies for each country, United Nations, and other international diplomatic corps. Also contains related links.
Cuba: Web site of the Government of the Republic of Cuba
Information about the government, foreign affairs and the country's economic and social development. There is information about each of the ministries and about the members of the council of...
Cuban Embassies
Links to all the Cuban embassies around the world. Sites are written in the language of the country. Some are also written in English and Spanish.
Cuban Institute of Friendship with People
An organization designed to develop and promote solidarity and friendship with peoples around the world. The Helms-Burton and Torricelli laws and the Cuban Adjustment Act are available in Spanish as...
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