Cuba Five: a Singular Vision from the Largest of the Antilles
A blog from journalist Rafael Hojas Martínez of Trabajdores. Subtitled The Truth about the Cuban Five, prisoners of the United States. Archived from 2005.
Eco Tunero
The site of journalists from Las Tunas. Contains news, a directory of blogs, code of ethics, and more.
A blog from journalism students at the University of Havana. Archived from 2005-2007.
International Press Center
Agency responsible for accreditation of the international press. Contains information about additional services, regulations, contact information for foreign journalists, news, an online art gallery,...
Isla al Sur
Monthly blog from Iraida Calzadilla Rodríguez, journalist and faculty member at the School of Communications at the University of Havana. Archived from 2006.
A blog from journalist Ramón Brizuela Roque at El Guerrillero in Pinar del Río. Archived back to 2005. Searchable. RSS feed available.
Ronal Suarez
Blog of Ronal Suárez, a journalist in Pinar del Río. Archived for 2005.
Work Table
Blog from the faculty and students in journalism at the school of communication at the University of Havana. RSS feed available. Archived from 2006-2010.

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