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Cuban Legal Association
Collection of articles about various aspects of the law. Searchable.
Cuban Science and Technological Innovation Legislation
Contains recent legislation and information about science and technological innovation. Also contains the policies. From the science group in HolguĂ­n.
Decree and Law for Free Trade Zones and Industrial Parks
Law and decree establishing free trade zones and industrial parks.
Intellectual Property
Contains information about intellectual and industrial property, copyright, trademarks, and statistics. There is a list of trademarks, their classification, and the product type from the province....
International Law Office
Contains information about who they are, their services, clients, offices, and events.
Justice Office in Santiago de Cuba
Provides information about the various departments including legal assistance, registries and notaries, audits, computer science which includes the library, and services. There are related links.
Latin American Literary Agency
Provides legal representation to Cuban writers and those from other countries of Latin America. Contains their publication El Papel, new publications, and authors and their works they represent.
Lex, S.A.
Legal provider of patents, trademarks, and domain names and there is a table of fees. Forms are available. Copyrights and trademarks are searchable. Free registration required. Also available in...
Multilateral Approach to Law
Information about a conference to be held in 2007. Contains the program, the organizing committee, activities, and more.
Agency which represents artists. Also available in English. Contains a catalog of their artists, news, touring schedule, hits, and promotions. Each artist contains a biography, discography, photos,...
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