Palmiro Gutiérrez Pérez's Facts and Things
About the local historian of the municipality of Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río. Contains phrases, anecdotes, local history, photos, and more.
490th Anniversary of the Founding of the Remedios
History of the founding of Villa Clara. There are photos and activities of the celebrations.
50th Anniversary
Anniversary supplement celebrating the landing of the Granma and the 80th birthday of Fidel Castro. The lyrics for a song that Che sang to Fidel are available. There is a large collection of...
50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
A brief compendium of the history of the 50 years of the Cuban Revolution. Includes achievements-- health, education, culture, sports and others;opinions; a chronology, statistics in many areas;...
50th anniversary of the Moncada
A collection of articles published in Bohemia about the assault on the Moncada. There are stories, witnesses, photos, and a copy of Fidel Castro's speech "History will Absolve Me."
50th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR)
A collection of articles from Bohemia. Contains several sections titled from the Moncada to the Granma, the rebel army, our coat of arms, and commemorative speeches.
50th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution
The history of the revolution in the municipality of Palma Soriano. There are biographies of significant figures, sections devoted to Palma vs. the blockade, Vilma Espín Guillois, Bay of Pigs, the...
52nd Aniversary of the Moncada
A collection of articles on the 52nd anniversary of the assault on the Moncada.
55th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks
Contains news, chronology of the history of the barracks, audio, the role of Martí at the Moncada, a poem written by Carilda Oliver Labra dedicated to friends and martyrs of the revolution, photos,...
60 Years Since the Moncada
Interactive site of the heroic events of July 26, 1953. There is a section about the attack on the barracks at the Moncada and one for Bayamo.
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