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"10 de Octubre" School of Medical Sciences
Contains general information, about specialized clinics located at the school, pre and post graduage studies, research, and departments. Located in Havana.
"Alberto Delgado Delgado" School of Hotel Management and Tourism
School of hotel management in Villa Clara. Contains information about the school, library, publications, services, news, and more.
"Capitan Silverio Blanco Nuñez" Advanced Institute of Pedagogy
Pedagogical institute in Sancti Spíritus. Contains the history, biography of the namesake, services, structure, significant dates, and related links.
"Commander Manuel Fajardo" School of Medical Sciences
One of 11 institutions which make up part of the Advanced Institute of Medical Sciences in Havana. Contains information about all the departments, a directory of the teaching hospitals, clinics,...
"Future" Educational Software Collection
Software developed at the Pedagogical University in Las Tunas.
"Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos" Trades School
Building trades school, sponsored by the Office of the Historian, and located in Old Havana.
"José de la Luz y Caballero" University of Pedagogical Sciences
From the "José de la Luz y Caballero" University of Pedagogical Sciences in Holguín. Contains news, a directory, and related links. Contains biographical information about José de la Luz y...
"San Alejandro" Academy of the Arts
Founded in 1818 and located in Havana. Contains a history, gallery, projects, and more. Also available in English.
Art Education in Villa Clara
About the "Olga Alonso" Vocational School of Arts (Escuela Vocacional de Artes "Olga Alonso").Contains information about the education in the arts, summer school, as well as the various schools in...
Art Instructors and Socio-Cultural Promoters
Information about artistc education in Cuba which includes statistics. Includes events, courses, workshops, schools, specialties, and more.
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