"Blas Roca Calderío" Higher Institute of Pedagogical Sciences
Contains information about the school, services, departments, significant dates, publications and more. Searchable.
"Dr. Antonio Núñez Jiménez" Advanced Institute of Metallurgical Mining
Contains the history of the institute, photos of an expedition from the Amazon to the Caribbean. The library contains related links. Located in Holguín. Searchable.
"Enrique José Varona" Advanced Pedagogical Institute
Contains information about the different departments, the magazines published, and images of both the Science Museum and the Literacy Museum. Located in the city of Havana. Searchable.
"José Antonio Echeverría" Advanced Polytechnic Institute
There is information about the departments which includes architecture, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, and chemical engineering. Additionally there is admission information, research,...
"Juan Marinello" Higher Pedagogical Institute
Teacher's college in Matanzas. Contains information about the organization, departments, post-graduate studies, information about the universalization of education, events, photos, and more.
Advanced Institute of Art
Also known as the university of art. Contains news, history of the institution, its architecture, various departments, festivals, statistics, publications, and courses.
Advanced Institute of International Relations
Contains information about distance learning, courses offered, history of the institution, news, research, and an English page of links for learning English. The library lists recent acquisitions.
Center of Agricultural Mechnization
There is information about their research, the doctoral program, their magazine and other publications, and more. At the Agricultural University in Havana.
Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences
Contains information about research projects, postgraduate courses, events, publications, and more.
CETDIR, Center of Technical Management Studies
Contains information about who they are, what they do, their mission, history and program of study. At the José Antonio Echeverrí advanced Polytechnical Institute.
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