Reynaldo González
Winner of the National Prize in Literature for 2003. Contains his biography, awards, bibliography, interviews, work, criticism, and photos.
"José A. Portuondo Valdor" Institute of Literature and Linguistics
Contains the collection of the Economic Society of Friends of the Country, the oldest library in Cuba. A few titles have been digitized.
"José Álvarez Baragaño" Literary Workshop
Annual literary workshop held in the municipality of Sandino, Pinar del Río. There is biographical information for writers who have participated.
"Raúl Ferrer" Literary Promotion Center
Center for the province of Sancti Spíritus. Includes information about events and authors and a biography of Raúl Ferrer.
Abelardo Estorino
Playwright. Winner of the National Prize of Literature. Contains his biography, works, bibliography, and photos.
Adalberto Hechavarría Alonso
Author from Majibacoa, Las Tunas. Contains his biography, publications, awards, and images of the book covers.
Alejo Carpentier
Information about the novelist. There is a photo gallery.
Alejo Carpentier
About the well-known author. Contains a biography, chronology, bibliography, his writings about his works, opinions, and photographs.
Alejo Carpentier Foundation
A non-governmental foundation about the Cuban literary figure. Contains a list of his titles and a brief biography.
Ambrosio Fornet
Winner of the 2000 Cuban National Prize for Editing. Contains his biography, works he has edited, and a gallery of photos.
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