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Alejo Carpentier Foundation
A non-governmental foundation about the Cuban literary figure. Contains a list of his titles and a brief biography.
Brothers Saiz Association
A non-governmental organization of young writers, artists, and intellectuals.
Center for Development and Cultural Communication (CREART)
Contains events,research projects. Works toward the cultural development of children and youth.
Center of the Américas
A place to find every culture from the Americas. Contains a calendar of events, information about theater, visual arts, music, and more.
Community Culture
Community culture in Matanzas.Contains a directory of theater, dance, and music, events and conferences, prizes, photos, and more.
Cultural Yoruba Association
Includes, vocabulary, beliefs, the gods, myths, poetry, riddles, and more. Contains the annual letter of the year back to 2001.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center
Founded as a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. Contains a history of the center and the church, vision, activities, organization, leadership, images and more. There is a biography of Martin Luther...
Fernando Ortiz Foundation
A non-governmental cultural institution located in Havana of the noted ethnologist and anthropologist. Contains information about projects, events, scholarships, and more.
For Culture
Subtitled Network in Defense of Kowledge and Culture for Everybody. Contains essays about cultural diversity, copyright, free trade, tradutional cultural knowledge and expresion, cultural industries,...
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