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"Cabildo Quisicuaba" Sociocultural Project
From a project in the the municipality of Central Havana for the most vulnerable in society such as families of prisoners, children and adolescents incline towards crime, alcoholics, and single...
A View from Culture
Culture, music, poems, articles, videos and other forms of culture that were created 50 years after the victory of the Cuban people over the mercenary forces at the Bay of Pigs.
About Culture
Contains links to museums and galleries of the world, a virtual gallery and digital library. From the Ministry of Health.
Center of the Guayabera
Information about the center.
Conference on Cuban Culture
Conference held in Camagüey in 2011. Contains the activities, location of events, programs by institutions and more.
Cubarte Forums
Spaces for the debate of cultural topics.
Dove Project
A project that brings various activities that help develop a culture of peace. Included are articles, festivals, concerts, fashion, documentaries, events, related links, and more. Archived from 2009.
Ego sum qui sum
Book by Thelvia Marín Mederos, sculptor, painter, and poet complete with images of her work and text of her poetry. Loads very slowly
Fidelio Ponce: Visual Arts Hall
Visual arts for Camagüey. Contains their awards, calender of events, announcements and a gallery.
Fiesta Tinajón
Fiesta held in Camagüey in 2012. Contains the programming, characteristics, organizers, a biography of Adalberto Álvarez and more. Searchable.
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