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Written Cuba
Blog. Archived from 2010.
Malena in Esperanto
Blog from Maria Elena written in Esperanto. Archived from 2008.
Baseball Universe
Blog about baseball. Contains news, famous Cuban players, the national series, issues of a baseball magazine. Searchable.
The People of my Town
Blog by radio and television programmer Yoel Rivero Marín about the people of Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara. Contains numerous videos. Archived from 2011.
Cuba in Harmony
Blog from the director of Cubarte about the history and culture of Cuba. Searchable. Archived from 2011.
Edu's Blog
Blog from Eduardo, professor at the University of Matanzas in technological sciences. Archived from 2011. Searchble.
I am from Mayarí
Blog from journalist Roberto Fabré Aldana of Radio Mayarí in Holguín. Archived from 2011.
Flag City
Blog from Lina Maria of Cárdenas, Matanzas. Archived from 2010. Searchable.
David's Blog
Blog from David Conde Marin of Matanzas about development of incorporation of object oriented techniques into PHP. Archived from 2010. In English.
Gaston de Jesus
Blog from economic professor Gaston de Jesus Rodriguez Milian about financial and revenue management topics. Archived from 2011.
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