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View from Cuba
Blog from mathematics-computer professor Luis Ernesto Ruiz Martínez. Archived from 2011.
Mixed Coffee
Blog from Pedro Hernández Soto. Archived from 2011. RSS feed available.
Cuban Eye
Blog from Bohemia's photojournalist Gilberto Rabassa containing many photographs. Archived from 2010.
Blog from photojournalist Eduardo Leyva Benítez from the magazine Bohemia. Archived from 2010.
Prize Room
Section of Pedro Péglez González's blog Cuba ala Décima containing winners of the national Ala Décima prize. Archived from 2007.
Blog by author Pedro Péglez González about the poetry known as décima.A section of the blog Cuba ala Décima. Archived from 2007.
"Uncle Bero's" Magazine Blog
Blog from Tio Bero from Pinar del Río. Archived from 2010.
Where Cuba is Greener
From designer of the editing department for Guerrillero of Pinar del Río Fernando Quiñones Mariño. Archived from 2010.
Blog from writer Nelson Alonso Ameijeiras. Archived from 2011.
Largometraje 3D Meñique - a magical adventure
Blog of a joint venture between the animation studios of ICAIC and the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) of a 3-D animated feature film. Archived from 2009. Also in English.
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