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Historic Archive of the Province of Sancti Spíritus
Archives for the province of Sancti Spíritus. Contains biographical information about General Serafín Sánchez, the document collection, newsletters, monuments, a glossary, and more. Also has...
Provincial Historic Archives of Matanzas
Contains their history, the work they do, information about the census, the collection, services provided, activities, international projects, contact information, and personnel.
Proincial Historic Archive of Villa Clara
Includes general information, guide to collections, special collections, documents, studies and research, information about conservation, histories, and other essays.
“Brigadier José Gómez Cardoso” Provincial Historic Archive
Archive in Ciego de Ávila. Contains information about its organization, services, and collections,
Provincial Historic Archive
Provincial archive for Camagüey. Contains its history, collections, networks of archives, departments, significant dates, and a glossary. Documents are available online. Searchable.
Historic Archive of the Municipality of the Isla de la Juventud
Contains the history of navigation on the island and the text of a commerce newspaper published in 1955, photos of old boats. There is a guide to the archives. Searchable.
Historic Archive of Cienfuegos
Contains the history, services, collection, projects, and conservation.
Historic Archive of the City of Manzanillo
Contains information about their history, services, the collection, and what constitutes a document, digitalization, and more. Searchable.
Historic Provincial Archive
Archive for Granma. Contains their history, services, a guide to their collection, descriptions of the most used collections, and the other archives in the province.
Historic Provincial Archive of Santiago de Cuba
Contains the archive laws of the country, information about the archive and its building, services and departments, collections, catalogs and indices, events, and projects.
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