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Ethnomedicine, Natural Medicine
18th International Congress about natural medicine. Contains the invitation, sponsorship, organizing committee, topics, program, conferences, awards, registration, hotels, general information FAQs,...
Portal of Congresses, Events, Fairs and Festivals in Cuba
A listing of events organized and searchable by dates and topics of conventions and other events. Also contains hotels by province and a guide to the country. Also available in English.
ColacMarCuba 2009
8th Congress of Ocean Sciences. Contains the invitation, organizers, toics, program, workshops, registration information, hotels, and more. Also available in English and Portuguese.
Fapronatura, 2006
1st Congress on the pharmacology of natural products of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology. Contains information about the sponsoring organizations, topics, program, general information, and more.
Havana-Redox 2009
International conference about antioxidants/free radicals. Organized by Organized by the University of Havana, Pharmacy and Food Science Institute and the Cuban Society of Pharmacology. Contains the...
International Seminar on APS (Primary Care in Health)
Conference on primary care in health. Contains the sponsors, organizers, guests, program, topics, audio visual, costs, packages, languages, and more.
Pediatrics 2008
26th national congress. Contains the invitation, organizing committee, sponsorship, topics, preconferences, program, accreditation, housing, general information, FAQs, and more.
VIII Central American and the Caribbean Congress on Anesthesiology, Recovery and Pain
Contains the announcement, sponsorship, committees, topics, program, workshops, guests, housing, general information, FAQs, and more. Also available in English.
Gerontoger Cuba 2008
Conference on gerontology. Contains the invitation, organizing and scientific committees,sponsors, topics, program, guests, preconference, housing, general information, and more.
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