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String Quartet of Havana
Contains information about who they are, the members, tours and concerts.
Festival Varadero
About a 2008 music festival held in Varadero. Contains the program, participants, a gallery, guests, and the venues. Searchable.
Community Project for the Conservation of Food
A community project about food security. Contains their publications, classes through distance education, workshops, information about food groups, food and health, and permaculture.
Sixth International Conference on Pediatric Infectology
Contains information about the sponsors, committees, fees, methods of presentation, program, and topics.
Rodrigo Ronda
Blog by Rodrigo Ronda León about the digital design of information. Archived from 2007. Searchable.
Hello Cuban
Blog from journalist and graphic designer Jorge García Sosa from the newspaper Vanguardia. Archived from 2007. Also contains phtographs and images of his design work. There are related links.
Cultivation of Potatoes
Information about potato cultivation. Includes its origins, an article about its value, and links to related groups in Latin America.
Sara Gonzalez
About a trova singer. Contains information about her, a discography, articles, and photos.
Virulencia --Lutheriana
Site of Alejandro García Villalón''s group Virulo. Contains recent material, videos, discography, a few songs, upcoming events, photos, and more.
Tamara Castañeda y su Grupo
Blog from a jazz vibraphonist. Contains her background, news, a link to information about a vibraphone, and more.
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