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Pedagogy 2007
Information about an educational conference including the organizing committee, program, registration, main topics, symposiums, forums, rules of presentation, and more. There is also information...
School of Hotel Management and Tourism, Granma
Contains a history of the hotel, various department, reservations, services, classes, sites of interest, and more.
Provincial Center of Patrimony
For the province of Granma. Contains museums, news, photographs, national parks, sites, monuments, cultural registry, industrial patrimony, events, legislation, and more.
Sindo Garay Center of Music
Music center for the province of Granma. There is a catalog of artists, music in MP3 files, events, personalities, tours, programs, popular fiestas, and a calender of events. There is also a...
The Ghosts of Sade
Full text of story by Ernesto Pérez Chang.
School of Hotel Management and Tourism, Playas del Este
Contains the classes, instructors, continuing education, and areas of research. The library is also available.
Conference of the Educator, 2008
Conference held in 2008. Contains a schedule, poetry, different phases of the educational revolution and more.
Listening Lab
Site developed by student Yuleidi Llanes Molina as part of her final paper. Designed for beginning students learning English. Contains word of the day, knowledge news, quotes, quizzes, songs, jokes,...
Attention to Diversity: challenges and alternatives
Workshop held at the Pedagogical University in Cienfuegos in 2006. Contains the announcement, program, organizing committee, preconference courses, commissions, yearbook, and credits.
Web Site for the Design and Calculations of Experiments
A tool for the calculations and experiment design. Contains the history, general applications, main concepts, basic principles, some classic designs, designs of computer science experiments and a...
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