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Studies about the United States
Blog by professor from the Institute of Foreign Relations Néstor García Iturbe. Archived from 2010.
Today's Cuban
Blog from journalist José Ginarte Sardina of the Sierra Maestra in Santiago de Cuba. Archived from 2009.
World in Crisis
Blog from journalist Daynet Rodríguez of the portal Cubasi. Archived from 2009. Searchable.
Cuba and Its History
A collection of articles, essays, monographs, biographies, debates, statements and debates by Néstor García Iturbe writer, journalist, and professor of the Institute of Foreign Relations. Available...
The Cuban Guayacan
Blog from Carlos Serpa Maceira, the “spokesman of Ladies in White” and independent journalist. Archived for 2009-2010.
Silhouettes of Cuba
Blog from photojournalist Calixto N. Llanes of Juventud Rebelde. Archived from 2011. Searchable.
The Terrazan from Manu
Blog of community news from Las Terrazas, Pinar del Río by journalist Manuel Alejandro Hernández Barrios. Archived from 2010.
Subtitled: to reflect, to exchange, to discuss. Blog from journalist Miriam Velázquez of Matanzas. Searchable. RSS feed available. Archived from 2010.
Swing Cart Driver
Blog by radio director Jorge Ramiro Velázquez Remón of Holguín about the arts and sports. Archived from 2010.
Speaking Cuban
Blog from journalist Celia Arévalo de la Peña from radio in Holguín about Cubanisms or daily phrases that form part of Cuban popular language and idiomatic expressions. Archived for 2010.
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