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The Blue Crocodile
Blog by journalist Marta Gonzalez. Archived from 2009.
Telescope of Cuban Reality
Blog from journalist Angela Santiesteban Blanco. Archived from 2009. RSS feed available.
In the Batting Cage
Blog by journalist Carlos Cruz Capote in Matanzas. Searchable. Archived from 2010.
Bayardos Today
Blog from journalist Luis Naranjo Batista of Camagüey. Archived from 2010.
Everything in Sports
Blog by journalist Luisa Fernanda from Camagüey about sports in the province. Archived from 2008.
The Toothless Crocodile
Blog from journalist Enrique Milanés León. Archived from 2010.
The Power of the Will
Blog by journalist María Socarrás Hernández of Camagüey. Archived from 2010.
Searching for José Martí
Blog by journalist Enrique Milanés León from Camagüey. Archived from 2010.
Cuba Letter
Blog from journalist Eduardo Luis Labrada Rodríguez in Camagüey about nature, biodiversity and sustainable development of rural communities. Archived from 2010.
Iris' Site
Subtitled A look at daily life in Cuba. Blog from journalist Iris Hernández Rodríguez in Las Tunas. Archived from 2005.
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