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I Am an Amancieran
Blog from journalist Rafael Aparicio Coello of Amancio, Las Tunas. Archived from 2007-2010.
I Am a Butterfly
Blog by jounalist Nelsy Rubén Larroche, of RadioMaboas in Amancio, Las Tunas. Archived from 2010. RSS feed. Searchable.
The Voice from Amancio
Blog from journalist Niria Isabel Cardoso Estrada of Amancio, Las Tunas. Archived from 2010. RSS feed available.
Cuban Music
Blog from journalist Yelanys Hernández Fusté in Havana. Archived from 2009.
Blog from journalist Leandro A. Pérez Pérez in Santiago de Cuba. Archived from 2010. RSS feed available. Searchabble.
Bloggers of Camagüey Television
Blog from journalists of the television station in Camagüey. Archived from 2008.
News From Florida
Blog from radio journalist Reinier Barrios Mesa of Radio Florida in Camagüey. Archived from 2008-2009.
History of Camaguey City
Blog from TV journalist Yamila Cruz Romero of Camagüey. Contains the customs, traditions, and important personages of Camaguey. Archived from 2008-2010. Available in English.
A Better World is Possible
Blog by journalist Idania Godoy Tápanes from Matanzas about environmental problemas, climate change, and the consequences for humankind of the planet's changes. Archived from 2010.
A Piece of Cuba
Reports, chronicles, and articles of opinion about Cuba by journalist Yirmara Torres Hernández of Matanzas, Archived from 2010.
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