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Illusions and Utopias
Blog from attorney and journalist Herminio Camacho of Juventud Rebelde. Archived from 2010. Searchable.
Eyes at N
Blog from journalism student Nyliam Vázquez. Archived from 2010. RSS feed available.
Castro Medel from Cuba
Blog from journalist of Juventud Rebelde. Archived from 2010.
Seasoned Sports
Blog about by sports journalist Yurisander Guevara Zaila . Archived from 2009.Searchable. RSS feed available.
Tunas Today
Blog by journalists Clara Velázquez Pérez and Rosa Velázquez about health and medical issues. Archived from 2009.
Tunas Today
Blog from journalist Clara Velazquez Perez of Las Tunas about health. Archived for 2008-2009.
I Am from Las Tunas
Blog from journalist Yenima Díaz Velázquez of Las Tunas about the province. Archived from 2008.
Blog from journalist and cultural worker Joel Lachataignerais Popa from Las Tunas. Archived from 2008.
Villa Azulinians
Blog from Madeline Paz Reyes of Radio Libertad in Villa Azul Puerto Padre. Archived from 2005-2007.
Vital Space
Blog from journalist Ibrahín Sánchez Carrillo of Granma. Archived from 2010.
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