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Where Cuba is Greener
From designer of the editing department for Guerrillero of Pinar del Río Fernando Quiñones Mariño. Archived from 2010.
"Uncle Bero's" Magazine Blog
Blog from Tio Bero from Pinar del Río. Archived from 2010.
Luis Angel Blanco Rusindo
Collection of paintings that where exhibited 2010. From a professor of art.
Archeology in Cambaiguán
Blog from archeologist Orlando Alvarez from Cabaiguán, Sancti-Spiritu. Archived from 2007.
Charity Mansion
Blog from librarian Pedro Merino. Archived from 2007-2008.
Blog about Russian painter Vasily Vereschaguin by Blas Nabel Pérez. Archived from 2011.
Krlos' Corner
Blog by a student about various topics. Archived from 2008.
Acrylic Nails
Blog from Airlyns Pérez showing some of her designs for acrylic nails. Archived from 2011.
Freelance Press
Blog by Gilberto Figueredo dedicated to promotion of discussion and solution of Cuban issues and other topics of general interest. Archived from 2009. RSS feed available.
Arpeggio and Omens
Blog from Milagros Piedra Iglesias about women and flowers. Contains many photos. Archived from 2011.
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