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Poets of the 19th Century
Contains information about the various periods of poetry within the 19th century including neoclassic, romantic, criollic, siboneyic, and modern. Each period also contains the names of poets that...
Love Poems
A collection of love poems.
Cuban Literature in the Revolution
Subtitled Literature written in the '60s and beginning of the '70s. Contains poets, short story authors, dramatists, and novelists and excerpts from their works. There is an essay titled "The impact...
Social Magazine
A magazine which began in 1916 and ceased in 1938. Contains the socio-historical-cultural context in which it arise, its four phases, illustrations, and information about Conrado Walter Massaguer,...
Our Time Cultural Society
A cultural society founded in 1951. Contains their history, yearbooks for 1955 and 1957, several articles from their magazine, opinions, a bibliography, and photos of members and covers from some...
Emilio Ballagas: works
A collection of poetry and prose by Emilio Ballagas including: Comparsa habanera, De otro modo, Elegía de María Belén Chacón, Elegía sin nombre, Huir, Nocturno y elegía, Para dormir, a un...
Dora Alonso: "Poetíca"
Fragments of Dora Alonso's poetry: El grillo caminante, Escrito en el verano, La Flauta de Chocolate.
Origenes Group
An art and literary magazine that was published from 1944-1954. Contains its history, the covers and table of contents, members of the group including poets, musicians, painters, and other...
Flower of War
Winner of the National Prize of Literature. A collection of poetry of poets early in Cuban literary history. There is also a collection of graphic prints from that period.
Rafael Morante
Winner of the 2001 National Prize for the Design of the Cuban Book. Contains his biography, awards, examples of his work as a designer, writer, and musician.
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