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Publisher is CIGET-CITMA-Matanzas
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70th Anniversary Congress of the SEC
Congress in Matanzas for the spelunking society. Contains announcements in English and Spanish, maps, photos, information about the society, and information about caves in Matanzas.
Matanzas Territorial Office
Contains their history, mission, vision,and activities.
Provincial Historic Archives of Matanzas
Contains their history, the work they do, information about the census, the collection, services provided, activities, international projects, contact information, and personnel.
General services for the scientific community in Matanzas. Contains their mission, a brief history of the province, activities, services, achievements, and more.
Science Portal in Matanzas
Contains discussion forums, events, symbols, history, population statistics,information about the coat of arms for the province, the economy, municipalities, legends, poets, interesting facts,...
Matanzas Territorial Office of Weights and Measures
Office of standards and weights and measures and meteorlogy for the province of Matanzas. Contains information about their services, related links, events, and more. There are related links.
“Indio Hatuey” Pasture and Foraging Experimental Station
Contains a summary of what they do, their mission, staff, research, events, teaching, and services. Searchable.
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