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Ordinary Person
Blog from Oscar A. Martínez Pérez(virgoroca) of Bayamo, Granma. One entry from 2010 is available.
Around the Corner
Blog from poet Jacqueline Romero Miranda. Archived from 2008.
Eastern Cuba
Blog from journalist Gerardo González Quesada of Las Tunas. Archived from 2010. Searchable.
Free Expression
Subtitled Cuba, democracy, freedom of expression, civil society. Blog from lawyer and independent journalist Hildebrando Chaviano Montes sharing his opinions about various social and political...
Arpeggio and Omens
Blog from Milagros Piedra Iglesias about women and flowers. Contains many photos. Archived from 2011.
Unction and Power of God
Blog from evangelist Rafaela Lay Blanco. Archived from 2010.
Countries of the World
Contains information about Cuba, the Americas and a list of African countries. From Leonardo Toledo Borrero of Bayamo, Granma. Incomplete.
Bayamo I love you
Blog about Bayamo, Granma by Javier Ernesto. One entry from 2008 is avaiable.
Cases and Things about Global Terrorism
Blog by Javier Ernesto of Bayamo, Granma. Contains a lot of information about terrorism. Archived for 2008.
My Page ...
Blog from Tamayo Palacios from Bayamo. One entry from 2009.
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