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Arroyo Olympus
Blog about the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo by Juan Mario Rodríguez. Archived from 2009.
Blog about General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz by journalist María Delys Cruz of the newspaper Adelante in Camagüey. Contains information about his military career and letters to his wife. Archived...
Digital Context
Blog about scientific and technical topics and its influence on socio-cultural development by a professor of non-verbal communication. Archived from 2008.
Blog about computer programming by Alex Alvarez Garciga. Archived from 2010.
Sugar Rhythm
Blog by Ozzie Martinez with images of album jackets for various musical groups. Archived from 2010.
Let's Talk About ...
Subtitled: a site to talk, argue, and clarify topics about culture, society and experiences in Cuba from Anita, a journalist in Matanzas. Archived from 2010.
Blog from Cuba
Subtitled: news, photographs, videos, etc.... Archived from 2008.
Pro Baní Semper
Blog from editor Yanelkis Rodríguez Gómez of Banes, Holguín. Archived from 2011.
Dreams from Cuba
Subtitled a blog to share dreams, ideas, hopes ... by journalist Dianela Cano Rodríguez of Las Tunas. Archived from 2011.
Cuban Visor
Blog from sports journalist for Juventud Rebelde Daniel Palacios Almarales. Contains sports history, statistics, and current evenets.Searchable.
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