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Blog about life of the residents of the province of Granma and other topics of national and world interest from journalist Raciel Pérez Martínez of Bayamo, Granma. Archived from 2010.
For the Meetings
Blog from journalist Leslie Anlly Estrada Guilarte of La Demajagua in Granma. Archived from 2010.
In Sight
Blog from journalist María Antonia Valerino San Pedro of Bayamo, Granma about several social topics. Archived from 2010.
The Street of the Angel
Blog from radio journalist Danny Agil of the provincial radio in Granma. Archived for 2010.
Cuban Choy Lee Fut and Luohan Gong Asociation
Blog from the kung fu association with news, articles and information about their schools. Archived from 2011.
Blog from Rogelio Viera with thoughts and opinions about things that deserve the reader's attention. Archived from 2006.
Evangelism without Borders in Cuba
Blog from Labrador about evangelism in Cuba. Archived from 2009.
To the South of my Guantánamo
Blog from Evangelio Galano Rodríguez of San Antonio del Sur, Guantánamo. Archived for 2010.
Where the Sun is Born
Blog from journalist Arleydis Tamayo Cardoza from Maisí, Guantánamo. Archived from 2010.
The Oya
Blog from Elisa, a nespaper editor from Bayamo. Granma. Archived for 2009-10.
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