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Blog from Monica Lugones, journalist and professor of journalism at the Central University of Las Villas in Villa Clara. Archived for 2006.
Oscar Alfonso Sosa
Blog by a journalist with the Escambray in the province of Sancti Spíritus. Archived from 2007-2010.
The Sancti Spirituan
Blog by TV correspondent Alain Jiménez Díaz with news and articles about Sancti Spíritus. Archived from 2007. Searchable.
Faithful on the Net against Terrorism
Blog from Ana Hernández Hernández. Archived from 2010.
It's My Understanding
Blog by radio journalist Bárbara Fortes. Archived from 2010.
The Keystroke for Truth
Blog from the head of the editorial staff of the Vanguardia newspaper, Norland Rosendo González of Santa Clara covering sports, international politics and Villa Clara. Archived from 2007.
I am who I am
Blog from journalist Ricardo R. González from Villa Clara. Archived from 2010. Searchable.
Without order to know the truth, the current trends
Blog from Leonel Iparraguirre González from Morón. Archived from 2010.
Always Cuban
Blog from Bladmir Pérez Cuesta of Morón. Archived from 2011.
Blog from television engineer and editor Modesto Cruz Díaz. Archived from 2007.
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