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Radio Reloj Interest Group
Blog from 8th grade students at the José Ramón León Acosta secondary school in Villa Clara. Some of their writings are available. Archived for 2006.
Esperantoists from Villa Clara
Blog from students of Esperanto. Archived for 2007.
Alvarito Garcia
Blog from 12-year old student Alvarito Garcia in Villa Clara. Entries for 2005 and 2007.
Viv@ Fidel
Blog from journalist and researcher from the Iberoamercan Center of Decima Carlos Tena in Villa Clara. Archived for 2006-2007.
Economists of Villa Clara
Blog from the National Association of Economists and Accountants in Villa Clara. Archived for 2006.
From the Federation of Cuban women in Villa Clara. Archived for 2008.
Blog from radio journalist Silva Rodríguez Elizabeth in Las Tunas. Searchable. Archived from 2007.
From my Havana
A collection of poetry and song lyrics with guitar chords. Archived got 2006-2007.
My Management
Blog of Marlene Franco Suárez, an educator at the "Rafael María de Mendive" Pedagogical University. Archived from 2005.
The Reporter from the Escambray
From journalist Norland Rosendo González of the Vanguardia. Archived for 2006-2007. Searchable.
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